Find out how we choose the best winner for the pageant.

The judging process will be based on each contestant’s ability to present poise, confidence, and a generally pleasant atmosphere. As a Contestant, you will be judged based on the following categories:

Opening Introduction: The opening introduction, though not scored, is a vital part of the competition where each contestant introduces themselves to the audience and make a first impression.

Creative Fashion Wear: Show your personality and style by the choice of your outfit. Think of this category of competition like a fashion show. Let your imagination run wild with creativity.

Questions Answers Round: Show your confidence in speaking and intelligence. This is one of the vital part on choosing a right contestant.

Talent Round: In this category of the competition, each Contestant is evaluated on stage presence, physical fitness, talent, posture, and confidence. 

Personal Interview: In this category, Contestants are scored on personality and how well they can articulate with confidence.

Grooming Session: Contestants are evaluated on their participation, performance, discipline, attitude, attendance, punctuality etc.

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