Benefits of joining a beauty pageant.

5 Reasons to Enter a Beauty Pageant

Signing up for a beauty pageant is an excellent way to polish your skills and show off your hidden talents. These contests can also be your stairway to new opportunities, providing you with the chance to network and meet new people. If you thought that beauty pageants were a thing of the past, here are five important reasons why you should get yourself on stage:

  • Networking Opportunities 
    Entering a beauty pageant is an excellent way to network and meet new people if you aspire to work in the entertainment industry. By entering a beauty pageant, you will be introduced to successful and upcoming make-up artists, hair-stylists, organizers, and sponsors. You’ll also get the opportunity to know the other contestants and possibly make new friends. In the long run, surrounding yourself with a group of like-minded people is not only good for personal growth but will motivate you to achieve your goals.
    Many casting directors, modeling scouts, and producers are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Entering beauty pageants is an excellent way of landing cool modeling jobs that can help your career.

  • Learn More about Yourself
    Beauty Pageants are about more than just hair and makeup. The whole experience can help improve your leadership and communication skills! Pageantry is an excellent way to practice being on stage, providing you the opportunity to learn more about yourself. This might also encourage you to challenge yourself and cross new boundaries.

  • Win Exciting Prizes 
    Entering beauty pageants will give you the opportunity to win exciting prizes. Whether it’s a sparkling crown, a lovely sash, a gift basket or perhaps a scholarship. These prizes are a testament to your hard work and will help you gain recognition from the sponsors and organizers. Who knows, this might lead to better opportunities for you in the future.

  • Boost Confidence 
    Many kids suffer from self-esteem problems and could use the extra confidence boost. Beauty pageants provide young girls the opportunities to walk the stage and show off their talent. This might also help youngsters to focus more on their hidden skills.

  • Give Back to the Community 
    Do you aspire to give back to the community? Well, signing up for a pageant can be an excellent way to start. The whole experience will offer numerous networking opportunities with plenty of organizations. You can use your popularity and talent to spread awareness about important issues. Remember, you don’t need a crown to make a difference or get involved in community work. So, why wait? Enroll today!

Debunking Common Myths about Beauty Pageants

Do images of young women in fancy dresses and a lot of makeup come to mind when you hear the word ‘beauty pageant’? Usually, what ensues is a wide range of comments and thoughts about beauty pageants you’ve heard somewhere. It may be a little shocking, but many of the things you’ve heard or thought about beauty pageants may not be the truth at all. There may be some common myths that you’ve heard in particular.

  • Privileged Women Only
    The myth that most privileged women take part in beauty pageants could not be any more false. An even worse perspective is that these pageants are closed to women from the lower class or that the women that are selected have a high status in society. This is far from accurate because most women that take part in pageants are ordinary women that have jobs or study in universities. They are regular women that live everyday lives and don’t wear makeup all the time!

  • Women Are Unintelligent 
    A widespread perception of the girls and women that take part in pageants is that they are not intelligent and they only get so far because of their beauty. Even though social media and some videos online make it seem like it is so, the reality is the complete opposite. The truth is that many women that take part in beauty pageants are members of honor societies or have college scholarships. Most of them have exceptional intellectual skills that can shine through whenever you have a conversation with them.

  • Pageants Are Rigged 
    This one seems to stem from the view that all women that take part in pageants are wealthy, spoiled brats whose influence can sway the judging panel. This is very commonly believed to be accurate ever since a contestant in Miss Pennsylvania 2012 had made statements about the culture of pageants being ‘dishonest.’

  • Thin Girls Club
    A popular bias against beauty pageants is that they only select contestants that are very thin. This is not true since beauty pageants are not looking to promote a culture of starving, anorexic women. In fact, what they look for are bright young women that make good food choices, eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of exercises. The main image they try to promote is a woman that lives a healthy lifestyle.

  • Un-feminist
    Most women that take part in pageants are called out to be ‘enemies of feminism.’ This is because many people share a view that pageants objectify and demoralize women by making them dress in overly flashy dresses and high heels. Comparatively, beauty pageants are trying to promote a good image of what women should be like talented, graceful, and intelligent. They’re not trying to impose the image either, but teach women to be the best version of themselves.

Hopefully, the truth will turn around the way you think about beauty pageants. Use your newly found knowledge to correct false views of what goes on in beauty pageants.

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