Check out the amazing things you get to do as a winner.

Year of Service

As an advocate and spokesperson, the titleholders will have the honor of traveling throughout the naton, addressing diverse audiences to create awareness and gain support for worthy causes and helping people in need. The titleholders will volunteer with the Miss Teen Ambassador during their year of service to achieve the foundation’s goal of improving the lives of everyone in the community, especially the children, and young women through charitable projects focusing on education and welfare. If chosen to represent the in an International pageant, you will have to clear your schedule as this is a once in a lifetime experience and honor to represent your country.

The Responsibilities

As winners of the pageant, you will have the privilege to accept some primary responsibilities. You will have the opportunity not only to enjoy your impressive personal achievement but also to gain enormous satisfaction from serving the community. Committed to the success of our queens’ academic studies, we will do our best to ensure that your duties as queens do not interfere with your studies. That’s why we will schedule community services over weekends and school holidays. As titleholders, you will have to show your love and support for the people of our community by attending at thirty six events throughout the year.

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